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Mill Tech FAQ

How can Mill Tech make my project stand apart from others?

From wood to plastic laminate to solid surface materials, you can choose from a wide selection of materials to make your project unique. Moreover, we bring our vast range of expertise and experience to each one of our customers’ projects. Our teams are your teams throughout the whole process. Thus, once you have made your selections, each one of our special teams can work to ensure that your design is not only expertly constructed but also attractive and distinctive. We can also add custom features such as:

  • Fashionable laminate top profiles
  • Stylish cabinet colors
  • Full extension drawer slides
  • Soft-close doors and drawers
  • Crown molding
  • Trash can storage
  • Mixing cabinet colors
  • Horizontal grains
  • Upgraded laminate colors
  • Open shelving
  • Full metal house drawer products (including Metabox®)

Does Mill Tech install countertops along with their cabinetry?


We do. In fact, are an approved fabricator of all Plastic Laminate and solid surface materials and often work with distinguished brands such as: 

  • Formica®
  • Pionite®
  • Nevamar®
  • Wilsonart®
  • Corian®
  • Formica Surrell Solid Surface®
  • Avonite®
  • Wilsonart Gibraltar®

Purchasing your countertops through Mill Tech also makes your project more streamlined by allowing you to work with one point of contact instead of having to coordinate multiple vendors.


What other products does Mill Tech work with?

We work hard to be on the cutting edge of product development and technology. We continually stay on top of all the latest manufacturing products so we can offer these in your current design projects. Some of the latest products we have used are:

  • 3Form®
  • Trespa®
  • Starboard®
  • Paperstone®
  • Torzo®
  • Walltalkers®
  • Forbo®
  • Formart Deco Panels®
  • Alkemi®
  • Misc. metals, acrylic and glass products.


What is Mill Tech’s proposal process like? What makes it different from other companies’ proposal processes?

We are committed to transparency and efficiency from the start to finish of your project. We want our proposal to reflect your project’s needs and your company’s requirements. Once you accept our proposal, we are further committed to working together to adjust to schedule requirements and to meet your deadlines on time.

How do you make sure that units are designed properly?

The drafting and engineering departments draft shop drawings based on the most recent blueprints, using software and technology to ensure that our work is precise down to the millimeter before the material even reaches the floor. The production team is committed to the same level of precision. We want each piece of your product to fit together like a puzzle so that it fits your site perfectly. To that effect, we work to make sure that each one of our teams communicates effectively and efficiently throughout the entire process.


What sort of warranty do your products have?

Mill Tech, LLC warrants its products for a period of one year from date of substantial completion to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship, which would result in this product being unsuitable for use by the designated occupant or owner.

Mill Tech, LLC specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied except as prohibited by law. Mill Tech excludes normal wear and tear, limits liability to repair or replace damaged goods and is not liable for personal injury or loss of use.

Mill Tech, LLC cannot guarantee the suitability of any custom piece for the end users’ intended purpose. While every effort is made to consider the end use of our products, our evaluations are based on normal use. Damage resulting from gross overloading, abuse, misuse, vandalism, and catastrophe are not covered. However, if such non-warranty damage does occur, Mill Tech, LLC will be ready to assist with any repairs or restoration.

All of our hardware has a lifetime warranty.

What steps do you take to ensure code compliance?

Mill Tech performs a detailed, methodical code review for every one of our projects. We are well-versed with ADA regulations and stay current with every state and regional requirement. In fact, because of our extensive experience, we often catch mistakes that architects and code consultants miss, saving our customers substantial expenses and delays.


Who manages my project once I have committed to work with Mill Tech?

Mill Tech assigns a team to manage your project every step of the way. Our employees are experts in their areas and each serves to back up the other. Each job is assigned to an in-house project engineer who coordinates with estimation, design and manufacturing to ensure that details are executed correctly.  Once product selections and approvals are secured, the project engineer, project manager and estimator meet to review every detail of your project to be sure nothing is missed. The project manager is in charge of managing the work on your job site and acts as our on-site eyes and ears. Project details are continuously being updated throughout this process so that everyone on staff has the most current information.

How do I know that my cabinets will fit properly once Mill Tech delivers them?

Our commitment to precision in your project begins from the moment we draft our proposal for you. Once we start working on your project, we rely both on our team’s expertise and on state of the art technology to ensure that every measurement is as exact as possible before the material even reaches the floor. Whenever strict tolerances or detailed lay-outs are required, out project managers will use one of our LT55 Lasers for field measuring. This ensures your products fit to exact tolerances.  Our commitment to this level of precision never wavers either.


How dependable are Mill Tech’s installers?

Mill Tech’s installers have been installing Architectural Woodwork for several years and have become accustomed to job site conditions and the ever changing environments they face daily. Our professional installers will work with you to ensure your deadlines are met and the products are installed to your specific requirements. They also ensure the site is left in order by caulking in cabinets and counter tops, adjusting doors and cleaning up behind themselves so your job site remains in working order.

What is Mill Tech’s service area?

Our manufacturing plant is centrally located in Columbus, Ohio. We have the ability to manufacture and ship your specific products nationwide. Our installation crews can install your products in Ohio and surrounding states.

Is Mill Tech financially stable and bondable?

We are proud to have maintained a very stable business portfolio and are very financially stable. Mill tech is also bondable to meet your requirements.

Why should I partner with Mill Tech?

When you choose Mill Tech, you are choosing precision, transparency, and efficiency. You are choosing an entire team that is dedicated to ensuring that your project meets all the specifications and guidelines that you set out for it. More than that, you are choosing a company who covers all our bases to make sure that your project is successful.

When you choose us, you choose the project that your company deserves.