Project Showcase: The Arthur G. H. Bing, MD Cancer Center

We’re proud of every single one of our projects. In fact, we are so committed to exacting precision and innovation in our work because we want to be proud of all of our projects. Some projects, however, give us a different sort of pride and satisfaction.

The Arthur G. H. Bing, MD Cancer Center is one of those projects.

When the folks from the Bing Cancer Center hired us, they wanted us to come up with some ideas and design solutions for their atrium. They wanted a space that everyone there could enjoy. They requested a custom reception desk, custom cabinetry through the location, and a replacement of the existing four-story vinyl paneled system that was already on their atrium wall.

We took to the task with our signature dedication, precision, and creativity. We also came to it with compassion. We wanted it to become the sort of space might bring a little peace some very difficult days.

And we think we succeeded in that mission.

We’re pleased to report that the people at the Bing Cancer Center were thrilled with the finished product and the way that it enhances the space. And though we’re certainly proud of our work, we’re even happier that this project is something that enhances our Central Ohio community on a regular basis.

You can view more of our work at the Bing Cancer Center in our video below: