At the center of every single one of our projects is our constant commitment to precision, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter whether your project is large or small, whether it’s an institutional casework custom reception desk or nurses’ station or trim and custom millwork: we bring the same attention to detail and appreciation for timelines to all of our customers’ projects.

Moreover, from start to finish, our work is precise down to the millimeter. In fact, we use technology to ensure that our measurements are absolutely precise before the material even reach the floor. Each piece of your project must fit together like a puzzle so that it fits your site perfectly.

To help our customers bring their projects to fruition, our services extend to the following products:


Casework lines:

  • MT-100 Cabinet Line
  • MT-200 Cabinet Line
  • MT-300 Cabinet Line
  • MT-400 Cabinet Line

Counter tops:

  • Self edge
  • 3mm edge
  • Solid surface
  • Wood edge
  • Post form

Custom Millwork:

  • Reception desk units
  • Wall Cap/Top
  • Display cases
  • Custom profile units
  • Curved unit