Who We Are

Who is Mill Tech?

In order to maintain our standards of excellence and our commitment to creating superior Architectural Woodwork, we need an outstanding team of employees. Our emphasis on teamwork encourages cooperative decision-making among employees and management. Mill Tech, LLC actively seeks to create a positive environment in which every employee can realize his or her full potential.

The Sales Staff has a vast extent and depth of experience in the casework and millwork industry. Each member of the team has worked with a variety of architects and general contractors, and they are all well versed in detailing the specifications of each project to ensure that every job not only meets but also exceeds our customers’ expectations. The Sales Staff also works closely with the Drafting and Engineering Department to confirm that the shop drawings not only reflect the customer’s idea for the project but also meet their approval.

The Project Management staff is also very experienced in the Architectural Woodwork industry. One of the most important parts of Production Management is communication. With ever changing construction schedules, it is imperative we keep these lines open. Project Management also understands the importance of holding to customers schedules as well as making sure quality standards are kept. Our Managers make sure they are maintaining these important parts of every project no matter how small. Their attention to details is also the reason we can maintain those schedules as well as the quality that is expected from all of our products.

The Drafting and Engineering Department has a proven track record when it comes to working with architects to make sure that each project not only meets the owner’s requirements, but will withstand the rigors of daily use. The primary goal for the department is to ensure that the job meets the customer’s expectations as well as fulfilling all  job specifications. Furthermore, in accordance with our commitment to the highest quality standards of work, the Mill Tech Drafting and Engineering Department utilizes the latest technology in casework manufacturing to ensure the projects are completed in an efficient manner.

The Production Management staff works seamlessly to ensure every project is given the attention to detail it deserves, They work directly with the Engineering, Drafting & Project Management teams so everyone is on the same page. They are also responsible for maintain the attention to detail that is given every job from the beginning to completion. Mill Tech is especially proud of our Production Manager who keeps everyone on the Production Staff & Special Projects Division holding to the quality standards Mill Tech keep for all of our customers.

The Production Staff’s work and experience levels complement the work and experience of Mill Tech’s management. With a sincere commitment to specialized skills, the Production Staff’s goal is to ensure the quality and consistency of all Mill Tech products. Mill Tech also has a commitment to work with new employees and train them in the “Team Environment” we maintain as well as the quality standards we expect from every employee.

The Special Projects Division has an unparalleled ability to recognize customers’ desires for unique, state of the art millwork and casework. From custom nurses’ stations to high profile reception desks, this team is prepared to offer up the dedication and creativity necessary to tackle a wide variety of unique projects. With new developments in materials from board, metal, acrylic, solid surface and many others, our staff continues to stay on top of their skills required to provide quality products no matter how diverse the details.

The Installation Staff is very accustomed to job site conditions and the ever changing environments they face daily. When challenging conditions arise, our team works with the project superintendent and other trades to be sure they accomplish the desired finish product. Our professional installers work to ensure deadlines are met and the products are installed as specific details require. They strive to make the finished product and job site just as the Owner envisioned it on conception from the start of the install through the punch.